What they say about SYPWAI

What’s the merit of people

2 min readApr 14, 2021

SYPWAI initially wanted to scale globally, but it wasn’t easy to implement. That’s when the idea of involving people in the platform came up. Firstly, it would be faster, secondly, large-scale, and thirdly, it would free up developers’ time to devote to other tasks.
“People are invaluable to us. They may not fully realise how important they are to the system and how much we need their resources,” SYPWAI says.
At the moment millions of people from all over the planet are collaborating with the platform. There is no link to a physical location. The basic requirements are a gadget (tablet, laptop, phone), an internet connection and a special device which the user buys to work with the platform. Everything is obscenely simple. Work requires exactly as much time as you can devote to it. It can become both your leisure time and your hobby. Moreover, it pays good money. A month you can get up to $ 600 for the work done.

Testimonials from platform users

“We take great pride in being able to bring value not only to businesses but also to people, so we’ve put together some user testimonials for you to see for yourself,” SYPWAI representatives say.
“Anyone who is still in doubt, I can tell you for sure — SYPWAI is one of the most promising companies in the field of artificial intelligence. Imagine the scale of their platform! A win-win situation! Could you ever imagine being able to make money by positioning a neural network and sitting on the beach, for example? SYPWAI is giving everyone the opportunity to join the world of artificial intelligence, doing good deeds and making money.”
“It sounds really incredible, but thanks to SYPWAI I am able to work less and pay more attention to my family.”
“Everybody in our family from young to old is a SYPWAI user. It’s a great thing because not only do we make money but we also develop our intelligence in the field of artificial intelligence. I love it!”
“I spend time on the platform every day and an impressive amount of money accumulates in a month. I’m a student, so I don’t have the opportunity to work full time. SYPWAI is a good solution for those who want to improve their income without too much stress.

“This is just a small part of the feedback from people who liked our platform. We’re really happy to be able to add value to absolutely everyone. It is our pride. I don’t think many people can boast of that,” says one of SYPWAI’s developers.