What is SYPWAI working on today and what is the role of ordinary people in this startup?

We have already mentioned that SYPWAI is a blockchain platform for collaborative work on the development of artificial intelligence, which connects businesses that need a neural network built for them with people that perform this kind of job.

The main idea of SYPWAI is that absolutely anyone can train a neural network.
To do this, two types of people are required: people that are selected regardless of their age and field of activity (students, retirees, anyone) and people that have special skills.
The task of the first group of people is to answer simple questions. For example, a person is shown a picture of a cat and the task is either to confirm that it is indeed a cat or choose another answer from the given options. It is more like an educational game for children.
The people of the second group are selected according to their field of activity, for example: medicine, physics or engineering. This task is for people with special skills. The goal of artificial intelligence is to optimize processes, use fewer human resources, and help to apply people’s knowledge in the areas where artificial intelligence is weak.
You can make $5 per hour playing this simple game, and if you do it for the whole month, you can make up to $500.
This unique way of using human resources for training artificial intelligence will allow people not only to earn money, but also to enjoy these benefits in the future.



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