What is robotics?

The field of robotic systems encompasses everything from the design, neural networks, design, programming, testing, and development of robots, human robots, and collaborative robots that help humans perform everyday actions.

Robotics is growing rapidly with the advent of big data, and the Internet of Things and machines are now able to process large amounts of data and learn with minimal human intervention. In the example of autonomous vehicles, sensors on the vehicle process thousands of data points every second, together with location data from the internet, to move the vehicle safely along its route. Robotics projects and applications can be found in a large number of industries, from automotive engineering to military drone operations to Mars landing and exploration. Even creating four-legged robots can help change the world with virtual reality data mapping and more.

Jobs in robotics

Gone are the days of pure science fiction about robots on Earth and in space. There are quite a few career options in industrial robotics, from programming and designing humanoid robots to construction, healthcare, control automation, and maintenance.
There are robotics specialists, robotics technicians, mobile robotics application engineers, robotics application engineers, and lead robotics engineers. While there are many job openings in the exciting new era of robotics development and innovation, there is also a huge demand for specialists who can service millions of robots. The machines are already in use around the world.


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