The use of artificial intelligence in everyday life is gaining momentum. Every sphere of human activity is affected by algorithms capable of surpassing the human level. Thanks to this fact, many start-ups are springing up all over the world, and the industry gods are investing millions of dollars in promising projects. But the most important question to ask ourselves is how artificial intelligence affects every day of our lives.

Medicine. AI uses sophisticated algorithms and techniques to make doctors’ jobs easier and could even replace them in some areas (such as radiology). Creating tools that can extract hidden data will enable doctors to make more accurate decisions and tailor personalized treatments according to a patient’s dynamic profile.

The Nature Conservancy. Many organizations have implemented AI as a system that can predict and localize emergency incidents, such as forest fires. This saves nature and avoids financial losses. AI is also being used as a pollution detector — scientists in the US have developed a system that can recognize large livestock complexes that pollute water and air.

Business. AI can now bring the maximum number of benefits to the business sector. Firstly, it creates a huge number of jobs for talented people from all over the world. Secondly, AI is being used by businesses to create customer profiles, target advertising, make decisions, and make predictions. Artificial intelligence minimizes the consequences associated with the human factor.

Entertainment. Another area where AI is essential is the everyday use of modern phones. Thanks to artificial intelligence, today’s digital assistants not only understand humans but also maintain the conversation. AI has penetrated all areas of the entertainment industry. A recent breakthrough has been the development of neural networks capable of generating very realistic images, videos, and music, opening up a new industry.

Education. Artificial intelligence is being widely used in education. It can develop flexible curricula and individual adaptive learning programs. Such a system allows for a significant increase in the quality of learning through personalization.

Military sphere. Artificial Intelligence is also developing in the military sphere, which many believe is particularly dangerous because of the potential for abuse and the risks associated with it. Even AI developers now oppose the application of their findings to the military industry.

There is no doubt that AI is ushering in an entirely new era of human development and relationships. This era leads to radical changes in all spheres of human activity, which may seem dangerous as it may threaten humanity because of the unlimited capabilities of AI. But in any case, artificial intelligence is becoming an integral part of our lives and in time will completely control the industries of healthcare, entertainment, education, and security.

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