SYPWAI’s mission: train neural networks or offer social assistance to people with disabilities by offering jobs

SYPWAI is a blockchain platform that brings business and neural network developers together to work on the development of artificial intelligence.
The company connects a specific business with a data marker and people who build neural networks — it makes it easier to create any solution. Data markers do their job, which is subsequently checked for errors, and then specialists train the model based on the received data and develop an API.

SYPWAI representatives say that they have been working with artificial intelligence for a long time, and it became clear right from the start that all businesses have one and the same problem — lack of resources to create a separate division for data science. It is a misconception, because it is data that is able to create a solution based on neural networks, although it takes an enormous amount of time. The artificial intelligence market is still developing. There are no large companies that try to compete with each other.
That is why SYPWAI wants to create an infrastructure that would allow all the parties to develop and interact with one another.
After a series of studies it became clear that a new occupation may appear — a data marker. It is very difficult to single out a mission because all aspects are important.

That is why a mission cannot be divided into specific tasks — everything is important.

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