2 min readDec 13, 2022

SYPWAI was founded in 2018, when two young scientists, Ngo Bao Chau and Abdigani Dirie, teamed up and launched a brand new startup dedicated to the development and improvement of artificial intelligence. The company’s founders concluded that today’s world lacks new, more advanced technologies, in particular developed artificial intelligence capable of adapting to different conditions and self-improvement.

Ngo Bao Chau and Abdigani Dirie thought through the stages of creating new artificial intelligence and calculated its preliminary capabilities and the prospects of such technology. And then presented their developments in an international grant competition. Because of the high relevance of the issues raised, the SYPWAI project attracted a lot of attention and as a result, won a grant worth $90 billion from LifeAsapa.

Thanks to this infusion of funds, SYPWAI’s founders were able to:
● hire prospective employees from different countries of the world;
● develop a step-by-step project concept;
● procure the appropriate equipment;
● begin developing the project;
● launch the SYPWAI platform in test mode.

All stages of the company’s development proceeded as planned and within a predetermined timeframe. After that SYPWAI was introduced to the general public, and its artificial intelligence training platform became an attractive place to work — the company opened a completely new vacancy in the labor market — data marker — and invited everyone to join the project. New employees are invited to take part in AI training, and SYPWAI welcomes both those who have no special knowledge (students, mothers on maternity leave, pensioners, and ordinary people) and participants with highly specialized occupations — there is work for everyone.

SYPWAI’s AI technologies are already being used by companies all over the world. They effectively help increase business profitability and solve multiple problems. But SYPWAI is not ready to stop — their plans for the development of the information intelligence market are very ambitious, and in the next few years the company has every chance to lead the world rankings of companies engaged in the development of AI.