SYPWAI platform: the algorithm of operation

Interest in artificial intelligence and the opportunities it provides is constantly growing. SYPWAI AI platform draws a lot of attention and receives lots of positive reviews. With its help, you can connect businesses with the experts who are able to carry out the monitoring using a neural network. In order to create a high-quality neural network, train it and attract experts from different fields, it’s necessary to put in a lot of effort and get financial support. Abdigani Diriye, the company’s CEO, spoke in detail about the goals, development and peculiarities of the SYPWAI AI platform.

The aim and ideology of the SYPWAI project

The SYPWAI AI platform was developed by a large team; the project had a big goal, which has been successfully achieved. The idea is: anyone can train the neural network. By taking part in the development of artificial intelligence, a person not only makes money performing simple tasks, but also helps to develop an amazing global project.
The neural network training consists in “playing” a series of special mini-games that look like educational games for children. With their help, artificial intelligence learns to make the right decisions and continuously evolves.
The company provides students and people with disabilities with an opportunity to earn money. SYPWAI developers are constantly trying to improve their project, but artificial intelligence still has many problems: the lack of large investments, absence of large companies in this field and no AI market. The company strives to provide all the users with an opportunity to work with artificial intelligence. The developers predict that a new occupation — a data marker — will appear soon.

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