1 min readFeb 11, 2021


SYPWAI is a platform that unite businesses and neural network developers for collaboration to create artificial intelligence.

SYPWAI’s work based on two components. In fact, they are the whales of artificial intelligence: The first is placing a huge amount of data, the second is developing a neural network.

The main idea of SYPWAI startup is that anyone can earn money during the process of teaching the neural network. How?

The neural network needs to be taught for its correct work. Firstly, elementary skills and then add special skills. For example, person is looking at the photo of a cat and need to choose the correct answer (a cat) among the proposed variants. This process repeats a hundred, a thousand, a million times until the neural network tests all kinds of varients. When we talk about special skills, we mean spheres like medicine, physics, engineering etc. Knowledge that only special trained people have.

You can earn up to 500$ per month by completing these tasks. Money accrue in cryptocurrency. And then you can choose — transfer to a bank card or continue investing.

Engrossing, isn’t it?