SYPWAI: a project that lets everyone make money

2 min readFeb 25, 2021

When you get acquainted with the SYPWAI project, you will be able to see what it stands for:

SYPWAI — Solve your problem with AI.

It fully reflects the essence of the project. Artificial intelligence technology is needed not only to solve various problems, but it also brings income.

SYPWAI offers income not only to experts, but almost to everyone. This is the main idea of the project: anyone can take part in AI training. To do it, you just have to perform very simple tasks.

Everything is simple. You are shown a picture, and you choose the correct one from several options. We also tried to do the task. It turned out to be quite boring, but nothing complicated.

For example, you are shown a picture of the cat. You need to choose the correct answer to the question: “What is in the picture: a cat, a fox, a heron or a dog?” You answer the question and proceed to the next one. It can go on for a very long time. But you get paid for it!

SYPWAI developers explain this situation as follows:

“We promised that everyone can make money on machine training. And it is true. Humanity has evolved to the point where even such a small thing like identifying a cat can bring you money. But in reality, everything is more complicated. In the case with training in some field-specific areas, special knowledge is needed to provide correct answers. For example: medical field. And such tasks are especially important”.

The training markup, for example, a surgery, cannot be done by a housewife or a student. That’s where help of an expert is required.