Robots can do everything humans can do, but many, many times faster.
Despite all the promises, two decades of hyped-up hype and costly false starts have demonstrated that robots will not replace humans anytime soon. A study of enterprise productivity by consultancy firm Oliver Wyman found that the most automated businesses ranked lowest, not the top, in terms of productivity.

The rapid development of technology is opening up more and more enticing opportunities. Robots and automation already play a prominent role in all parts of the industry, teaming up with learning algorithms that enable both robots and humans to optimize production and improve quality. Increasingly sophisticated systems will be critical to addressing important elements of the skills gap, which, according to a recent study by Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute, will lead to 2 million unfilled jobs by 2025.

In this latest industrial revolution, and in the era of the smart factory that is well underway, computers and automation are coming together in a new way: robotics is being connected to computer systems that are equipped with artificial intelligence and learning algorithms that enable robots and humans to make fast decisions to optimize production and improve quality, in line with the strict requirements of the knowledgeable and demanding end-user.


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