How will Ilon Musk’s invention affect the world around us?

In July 2019, Ilon Musk’s company unveiled a chip that could help people with physical and mental disabilities. The N1 brain chip, by design, augments human intelligence with artificial intelligence. This device is designed to help people overcome dementia and paralysis, because with its help it will be possible to control the movements.

Elon Musk believes that in the future N1 will help to smooth the effects of the uprising of robots (in the case if the artificial intelligence will surpass human and porobotit world), because, as conceived, the chip N1 combines the best qualities of biological and artificial intelligence.
Naturally, the scientific world was met with a barrage of criticism of Musk. Susan Schneider, a professor at Princeton and the University of Connecticut, pointed out the incompatibility of this invention on the technological and philosophical levels, and called the process of integrating AI into the human brain “the suicide of the human mind.”

Referring to the Australian science fiction writer Greg Egan, she describes a hypothetical future scenario in which a “diamond” device is inserted into the brain at birth, monitoring brain activity and copying all the underlying information. By the time a person grows up, the “diamond” will be an absolute copy of your brain, at which point the brain can be removed, leaving only the “diamond.”

Schneider points out the danger and ill-conceived nature of this innovation, well, the process of removing the brain is not even imaginable, as the organism would die. Analyzing the reverse side, progress has not reached a level where the chip can copy the content of the brain. Summing up her thought, Susan Schneider cited an undeniable fact: “The further progress moves, the harder it will be to stop.

At this stage, Elon Musk plans to implant the N1 chip in subjects with limb paralysis, and in certain areas of the brain cortex responsible for movement.

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