How SYPWAI was able to realise their ideas into practice

The formation of any AI project requires two components of different specifics. One of them is collecting and marking up data. It is easy to mark information of this kind, but such activities, which are monotonous in nature, take a lot of time. To train a neural network, important to conduct studies of various specifics of data, the amount of which can range from 100 thousand to one million.

The second component is writing a neural network. In essence, such a process is a simulation of a small area of the human brain, created to help people solve certain problems. This training procedure assumes constant development of the neural network: the system is “encouraged” for correct answers, and otherwise, it is “punished”.

With this technique, creating solutions of any type becomes less difficult. The markers are doing their own work, the correctness of which we check. Based on the information received, we conduct training and form an APL


Solve your problem with AI

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