How artificial intelligence solves everyday tasks

AI is a set of algorithms and technologies that are already used in many everyday tasks.

When Google Photos groups images of people using facial recognition, it uses deep learning artificial intelligence techniques. Chatbots that communicate with you on Yahoo, Facebook, and other websites use AI. Alibaba uses deep learning to find a handbag that matches the one in the picture you uploaded to the shopping site. Digital assistants such as Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant use AI to provide information or complete tasks.

The advances continue. AI can also accept search queries and links to web pages to create an article, such as a biography of a person, based on everything about him or she found online.

AI Startups.
Start-ups implementing AI can do everything from using drones to deliver medical supplies to helping lawyers prepare for court.
One firm has invested in Zipline, an AI startup that uses drones to deliver blood to remote locations such as western Rwanda. The service is important for places that are difficult to reach by land. By the time a truck gets there, it may be too late. Medical staff on the ground use an app to order blood by type. After half an hour, the drone drops it from the sky. The drone has a range of 75 kilometers and is accurate to within five feet. Zipline makes up to 500 deliveries a day and is set to expand.
Everlaw helps lawyers prepare for litigation. The first step in any lawsuit is gathering evidence. The startup uses AI to do things like reading through documents to find those that are useful to the lawyer and identify those that need to be sent to the opposition to avoid a miscarriage of justice. It automatically classifies documents, so you don’t miss important documents.

Shield AI is a start-up that has developed drones to fly in combat or crisis situations. For example, drones can map a building in real-time to build 3D maps and identify the people inside.

BioAge Labs is a life extension start-up that uses machine learning to help people live longer. They look for small molecules in your bloodstream to predict mortality. Using machine learning, they have identified … molecules to focus on when discovering drugs that can help us live longer.
The integration of AI into people’s lives is evident, and the need for technology is growing every day. We can no longer imagine life without the technology that is out there. What level of AI development will be in a year’s time, no one can say for sure, because as early as tomorrow there could be some breakthrough in technology and the whole world will be talking about it.


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