How AI can be applied to the automotive sector

Humanity is at the very beginning of exploring the full potential of artificial intelligence in various industries. Right now, the world of online marketing already uses machine learning, as well as artificial neural networks and text mining. But AI has a lot to offer manufacturing in general and the automotive industry in particular.

AI can come to the aid of humans at different stages of the automotive lifecycle. It is being used from the design and development phase through to testing, production, and marketing. Numerous sensors are now being embedded in cars, and data from them are becoming powerful sources of information. Their analysis and interpretation help to improve vehicle design, testing, and maintenance, as well as provide insight into user needs and expectations.

Possible applications of AI in the automotive domain include:
Improved perception of the environment. Cars are taught to recognize all types of external influences and to assess their possible impact on a driving trajectory. For example, Expleo is currently developing a unique solution for the autonomous parking in underground car parks.
Fault prevention and remediation. With AI, errors in large volumes of data can be detected and measures can be taken to prevent them. For example, it becomes possible to identify untimely braking scenarios, allowing us to understand their causes and correct them.
Security. AI currently plays a vital role in driver assistance technology. For example, Tesla plans to market next-level autonomous cars that will monitor the driver’s eyes to see when they are tired and/or may fall asleep.

Personalization of services. In the automotive industry, customer knowledge can be used to improve component reliability, so AI is helping to analyze random textual data contained in reviews.

Although the adoption of artificial intelligence in the automotive industry has been rather slow, it is expected that AI technology will be part of most vehicles within the next 5–8 years.



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