Finding your mission with SYPWAI

As an example a SYPWAI employee who was lucky enough to take part in the project said:
“There are a lot of people in the world who want to work in science. But not everyone gets in. Roughly speaking, new people are not taken on as interns so they don’t get in the way. I was one of them. Not believing in my abilities, but with a great desire to get a job in the field I came to participate in SYPWAI. And to my surprise I passed a very difficult selection procedure and was among the best of the best. From that moment I joined the company and started doing interesting, and most importantly very useful research. I was surprised by the attitude of the company. I was helped at every stage and always made sure everything was clear”.
SYPWAI’s doors are always open to people wishing to develop innovative technologies. New partners who want to create the future together and take people’s quality of life to the next level are welcome.

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