Features of the startup SYPWAI from Theneurosphere

Company Theneurosphere recently published information on the platform issue with neural networks called SYPWAI. Now, beta testing has already ended. Moreover, the tests were carried out in a public mode, which was a rather risky decision, since no one was responsible for the possible damage that could have been caused by an imperfect version of the SYPWAI platform. But since beta testing has just passed, it is safe to say that the project will still be refined to a stable version. But currently, Theneurosphere, or rather the SYPWAI platform, already has thousands of loyal users.

Now the project is entering a new stage — a release candidate. This suggests that users will soon see a preview of the platform. Of course, this is not a full-fledged release, but only a candidate. But basically, it will already be a stable and fully functional program, although not in its final form, and available for all users around the world. Mostly such a release has a certain period of validity, but there is also an alternative which is to work under a license from the previous version.

It should be said that the SYPWAI platform from the developer Theneurosphere is a project that is developing faster than others in the world.

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