Examples of training and results of data integration in manufacturing

Artificial intelligence and machine training are used in several applications across multiple sectors, including human resources, e-commerce, safety and security, sales and marketing, communications, legal issues, regulatory compliance and fraud detection.
Humans train neural network through different kinds of tasks, e.g. task to select some image with particular object on it, tasks of varying complexity. For example, there are Google and Yandex, but they have a slightly different goal — to learn more information about the local offline business, they ask the user to take a picture of an offline establishment, to check the opening hours, etc.

TheNeurosphere is known for developing an innovative approach to training neural networks. Artificial neural networks (ANNs) are now an important extension of the computing concept. They have already solved a number of difficult problems and can develop new programs and devices, capable of solving problems that the human brain cannot.
SYPWAI helps to perform simple tasks to train a neural network and get a monetary reward for this, the assets are stored in a “cold wallet” and are insured.

The SYPWAI platform ensures complete anonymity to its clients, if the client does not want to tell about his achievements. That means that market makers and other third-party companies will not be able to obtain customer data. At the same time, platform users will have to go through identification procedures.

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