Education in the AI domain

Artificial intelligence is steadily penetrating all areas of our economy. And no one can predict exactly what the next few decades will bring. Most likely, most jobs will change dramatically or disappear altogether. Most of today’s students have no understanding of this while in school, although they are expected to make vital decisions about their careers after graduation. Nevertheless, today’s academics believe that AI literacy should be a core component of every student’s education.
Already now, professionals with knowledge of artificial intelligence and machine learning and related applications (expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition, machine vision) have a wide range of new career opportunities. Educational institutions are developing a variety of programs to train future personnel in these fields. Some offer explicit degrees in AI, while others focus more on the classical disciplines of computer science with a specialization or research program in AI.
But the average person far removed from this field of knowledge can also start studying artificial intelligence. This can be done by enrolling in online courses, of which there are plenty on the Internet. Some of them are designed for people who have a certain level of knowledge, while others will help even those who have no experience in programming and engineering.

Among the best online courses are:
Learn with Google AI. This is a new project from Google that helps the general public understand what AI is and how it works. It comes in handy for those who know nothing about artificial intelligence.

Machine Learning course from Stanford University. This course introduces the learner to real-world examples of AI-based technologies, such as advanced web search engines, as well as speech recognition. It also looks at neural network training.

NVIDIA — Fundamentals of Deep Learning for Computer Vision course. Computer vision is a discipline that focuses on building computers that can analyze visual information like the human brain. The course from NVIDIA covers the necessary technical basics as well as the practical applications of object classification and recognition. Allows you to create your own neural network application.

A basic understanding of artificial intelligence and machine learning is becoming increasingly valuable in any business or profession. Anyone can now start learning this complex and interesting technology even without a background in programming or engineering.


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