Discoveries in AI 2021

Artificial Intelligence has become a fixture in everyone’s daily lives. And now the technology continues to evolve. Among the brightest and most promising discoveries in the field of AI recently are the following developments:

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have managed to teach a robot to navigate a maze by electrically stimulating certain nerve cells in the brain connected to the machine. These nerve cells, or neurons, were grown from living cells. Experimental results have shown that the goal-oriented behavior of an AI device can be generated without any additional training by sending signals. Scientists anticipate that further developments will help shape robots’ intelligent problem-solving abilities. Accordingly, the new development of a neuromorphic computer is not far off.

Scientists at Skoltech and Goethe University in Frankfurt have trained a neural network to detect anomalies in medical images, which will help doctors analyze countless scanned images more efficiently in search of pathologies. This has important implications for the healthcare industry, as it will help histopathologists, radiologists, and other healthcare workers to significantly speed up their work and enable them to focus on more ambiguous cases.

Another incredible achievement of AI in the medical field is the development of a unique biocompatible implantable artificial intelligence platform that, once embedded in the body, analyses key vital signs in real-time and warn of the occurrence of abnormalities. Of course, the development of smart chips is likely a distant future. But the potential for this idea is incredible.

A team of researchers from the Social Computing and Information Retrieval Research Centre at the Harbin Institute of Technology in China has built an AI model capable of creating accurate predictions of stock market behavior. And this incredible achievement will be a real eye-opener for financial investors interested in maximizing the return on their investments.

Scientists are developing AI mechanisms that can be used to accurately assess the financial risks associated with doing business. It is envisaged that the machine will be able to predict the likelihood of bankruptcy to identify problems at an early stage and the possibility of fixing them. Another development is also devoted to assessing the potential success of start-ups, which is very important for start-ups themselves and investors.

Artificial intelligence makes life much easier and opens up new opportunities for everyone to develop and grow.

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