3 min readFeb 17, 2022


Best Inventions of 2021 (Part 2)

The rating of the best inventions of 2021 shows that the main task of almost all scientists is the collective desire to optimize our world. All of the new devices and technologies in the ranking are designed to provide maximum efficiency at minimum cost (energy, physical or mental). And this is great because all these inventions make the world a brighter and more interesting place, as well as help the further development of human science.

Revolutionary vaccines. Perhaps the most important scientific achievement of the past year has been the creation of innovative vaccines — the first mRNA vaccines that work with fragments of the genetic code and tell our cells how to properly produce proteins for the immune response when infected. These vaccines are believed to have not only reversed the course of the pandemic but also have changed the future of preventive medicine.

SpaceX’s giant reusable rocket system. Elon Musk’s company is betting on one very large vehicle, a stainless steel starship about 165 feet tall that aims to orbit Earth, the moon, or even Mars, and then return back — unharmed, landing vertically. In the future, a fully reusable craft will be able to transport cargo and people around the world in less than an hour. Not long ago, such sci-fi dreams were just dreams, but in May 2021, the Starship prototype was finally able to land, leveling right above the launch pad.

The long-awaited R1T electric pickup truck. It was launched by Rivian, an Amazone-backed startup. The R1T is a unique high-tech adventure vehicle, thoughtfully designed. It is able to drive off-road, land, and allow everyone to be active in the outdoors in an electric vehicle with a range of about 650 km. The car can accelerate from zero to a hundred in just 3 seconds, each wheel is driven by an independent electric motor.
Whoop 4.0. is a unique wearable fitness device that focuses on competent recovery to build the most effective workout. It is designed to be worn around the clock and takes into account sleep quality, exercise intensity, heart rate variability, blood oxygen levels, and more to determine the user’s ideal training and rest days.

SkyCool nanotechnology. Air conditioners and fans already consume about 10% of the world’s electricity, and AC use is projected to triple in the coming decades, resulting in more and more heat being returned to the environment. The unique SkyCool technology has brought to mankind’s attention aluminum-based panels that are coated with several layers of optical films. They reflect radiation at wavelengths of 8–13 microns. The temperature of the panels is reduced to -9 ° C, which cools the existing building systems without harmful emissions. In addition to environmental benefits, there is also a significant benefit — the panels can save a lot of money on electricity.

We have considered several completely different inventions. And they are all united by one goal — to bring maximum benefit to mankind and make life easier.