Automation of all business processes

Decision support and decision-making technologies, computer vision, language processing, and speech analytics are used and developed in banks to significantly reduce the time, cost, and quality of decision-making, and customers can receive convenient, personalized products and services in real-time, financial institutions told RSpectr. Models based on data analytics and artificial intelligence technologies are used in all business processes. AI is used to recognize documents and automatically schedule employees.

Intelligence is used to manage the automation of decision-making processes. Models work in risk management, business planning, and compliance. AI is also being deployed to interact with customers through chatbots to generate personalized offers.
AI in companies refers specifically to machine learning, which is already very widely used today:
- To automate the processing of submitted documents (OCR — text recognition, meaning extraction, and text categorization);
- incorporate investment business, in capital markets for analyzing the behavior of participants and optimal pricing;
- in scoring models for credit or credit card decisions;
- for predicting ATM utilization and, as a result, reducing collection costs (as well as cash storage);
- for automatic processing of complaints;
- for robotized interviews with candidates;
- in CRM to personalize our retail product and service offerings;
- NLP algorithms are applied in the chatbot.

  • The global goal is to automate processes to give the best user experience to customers: ensure convenience, speed, error-free.



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