​​ As data from international economists and analysts show, companies that develop artificial intelligence are becoming an attractive targets for investment. Both ordinary people and celebrities, and even famous millionaires invest in them. And this is not surprising. In a report by the World Economic Forum, you can see that by 2023, up to 89% of U.S. companies are going to partially implement artificial intelligence technologies — those that deal with big data analytics. But the capabilities of AI are much greater, with more than 70% of companies wanting to integrate them to improve profits and reduce financial losses.

Of course, promising AI companies are attracting the attention of investors. Investing in them has several important advantages:
● shares in AI companies are excellent long-term investments;
● such investments can support promising startups that can generate multibillion-dollar profits in record time;
● AI technology has the potential to change the way the world functions, so investing in the right companies can help not only make great money but also participate indirectly in this global process;
● high profitability — companies that are successful in the development of AI make excellent profits from the sales of their technology, so the value of their shares grows exponentially.

With the exponential evolution of technology and its integration into virtually all areas of human life, the prevalence of AI and machine learning will only grow. While in 2020 the global AI market size was estimated at $62 billion, a year later it has grown to $93.5 billion. Preliminary estimates suggest that it will reach $1,581.7 billion by 2030. And with thoughtful and considered investment, everyone can participate in this growth and profit.


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