Artificial intelligence is developing literally by leaps and bounds. It is ideally suited to help humans in different areas of life. This includes education, medical care, business, and, of course, entertainment. Scientists predict that we will see many more interesting AI advances this year. Many of the new trends in artificial intelligence are extensions of past years, but we can look at them from other angles.

With the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, all of humanity has seen economies come to a halt, businesses and schools shut down around the world. A multitude of companies had to implement a remote working structure to control the spread of the new infection literally in a matter of weeks and days. This created a whole new emphasis on artificial intelligence. The ability to control AI with voice and language has become relevant to reduce the amount of sensor technology.

The combined use of artificial intelligence and cloud technology is also among the clear trends. In many of today’s technology ventures, AI and the cloud go hand in hand. Digital assistants (Apple Siri, Google Home, etc.) have already infiltrated all aspects of human life, across industries, communities, and even homes. We use them to order online, use robotic appliances, make doctor’s appointments, listen to music, get answers to multiple questions and even communicate with other people.

For businesses, cloud computing offers the ability to scale operations efficiently and effectively. Computing resources can now be replicated with the push of a button to scale up or down. The right amount of extra memory and faster processors can be added quickly and easily; large amounts of data can be used in a single database simply by allocating more memory. Thanks to AI and cloud technology, new software can be tested and used more effectively across the organization.

Cloud services (Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud Computer) are pre-trained and ready-to-use machine learning and deep learning models, as well as other artificial intelligence models, algorithms, and services that companies can apply to their data analysis process.

As early as 2021, there should be more start-ups using cloud technology. Such a trend will help start-ups get off the ground faster by focusing their financial capital on successful business drivers.



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