Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more firmly a part of our everyday lives every day. And scientists are constantly on the lookout for new AI capabilities and developing them at different levels.

One of the AI trends in 2021 is Martex — combining marketing and technology to achieve marketing goals. In the past, marketing could be seen as an organization’s data center, as its job was to collect, organize and further translate customer data to internal stakeholders. Later on, as technology became more advanced and entrenched in society, taking marketing to the next level became a very important task.

Referral systems, digital marketing, and conversational artificial intelligence (chatbots) now dominate most websites that offer services to their customers. Thanks to smartphones, touchscreen technology, and cookies, companies are actively collecting huge amounts of information from ordinary users. This data can then be used to better understand consumer behavior, as well as to create entirely new products and services.

At this stage, privacy issues continue to gain momentum, forcing companies to actively seek new opportunities to achieve their own marketing goals. Among the AI trends in the search for new options to track consumer behavior.

Of course, this search for new solutions is closely related to another area of AI development, which concerns AI-powered business forecasting and analytics. Already, the use of AI solutions is helping to redefine business processes by analyzing alerts in real-time. Researchers are combining hyper-automation with cognitive automation to better understand market needs. Digital workers are using content-intelligent technology alongside AI-enabled practices to develop outstanding AI capabilities. Acquired skills are expected to help cope with the automation of natural language, judgment, context formation, reasoning, and data understanding.

Artificial intelligence is becoming the most trusted and dedicated business assistant. It seems that it will be difficult to start your own business without using the latest AI trends shortly.



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