2 min readNov 21, 2022


AI in brewing

AI technologies have been used in many industries. Research in this field is developing very rapidly, becoming more and more versatile and capable of solving a variety of tasks. Artificial intelligence is also benefiting the brewing industry.

This type of business, as well as many others, has long been using AI technologies in marketing programs and in organizing the supply chain. The introduction of such technologies made it possible to determine the audience and set up targeted advertising. AI technologies are used online: thanks to them, it is possible to track the reaction of potential customers to create content, as well as to changes in the customer audience. Artificial intelligence has also been used in the brewing industry to collaborate with distributors. With its help, business owners or managers could calculate the optimal time to ship, as well as the optimal number of product items for different outlets.

But the possibilities of AI in brewing don’t stop there. Now it is a question of incorporating such unique technology directly into the brewing process and creating the perfect beer recipe.

Although brewers have been experimenting with different recipes for years, AI could prove indispensable in creating products that fully meet customer needs. In particular, IntelligentX recently offered four different brews to users and asked for detailed feedback. And this move allowed them to collect over a million data points to create the recipe that consumers will love.

AI can also help with perfect customer service. To do this, scientists experimented by offering participants videos of an AI-powered system serving glasses of beer that contained different levels of foam and the drink itself had different colors. Based on the feedback, there was evidence of the best combination of such criteria. And the robot can learn to offer beer with a constant level of foam, standardizing the level of customer service.

The brewing process should be seen as a successful combination of science and creativity. The introduction of AI technology makes the scientific side of the process more precise and ideal. With its help, brewers get new opportunities for experimentation and improvement of their skill level.