2 min readDec 14, 2022

​​ AI for rock climbing

Techtopia, which is part of the large Walltopia Corporation, which in turn specializes in the production and improvement of climbing walls, recently announced the launch of a unique AI-powered product that helps solve the issue of safety in climbing centers.

Climbing classes in halls are supposed to be very safe and conducted in an artificial, carefully controlled environment. But many factors can change this situation. This and human errors, and various mechanical or technical failures. As statistics show, the most frequent accidents in climbing centers are caused by human error. So, quite often falls and injuries occur because climbers start classes without securing auto-guards due to carelessness or negligence.

Of course, such situations are rare but can lead to very unpleasant consequences. And Techtopia has figured out how to change this situation with modern digital technology. The latest safety control system is based on artificial intelligence technology and includes image analysis, which in turn is recorded by a special camera. If a climber makes unsafe moves, the system triggers an audible alarm.
The camera can respond to:
- ignoring the safety system;
- accidental omission of a certain part of the belaying system;
- exceeding the permissible altitude on a specific route;
- crossing the boundaries of a specific route and entering an adjacent route.

In addition, the cameras can do other important jobs for climbing enthusiasts and climbing center owners. Recordings from them can be used by climbers to analyze their technique. And creating heat maps of the walls can help owners identify the most successful routes and take steps to improve their offerings.