AI and water purification

A recent UN report showed that more than 40% of the world’s population does not have access to safe drinking water, and many use water sources contaminated by sewage. Therefore, providing clean water and sanitation is a very pressing issue that requires serious attention and innovation. And artificial intelligence can solve problems related to clean water and sanitation.
Artificial intelligence technology helps utilities manage wastewater treatment plants more efficiently by reducing their operating costs. AI-based software solutions learn from a utility’s past performance and then prescribe optimal management actions based on the utility’s energy and chemical goals, as well as current and predicted system conditions. These types of AI solutions can optimize the time an operator spends on routine tasks and enable focus on high-priority goals. From a financial and operational standpoint, managing an energy-efficient and operationally optimized wastewater treatment plant makes more sense with an AI solution.
Even more, artificial intelligence can help every step of the wastewater treatment process by providing predictive management. It can optimize aeration, anaerobic digestion, membrane bioreactors, chemical dosing, and many other functions so that the wastewater coming out of the plant is free of harmful elements.
In recent years, AI techniques have already begun to be applied to water treatment and desalination. Machine thinking offers practical solutions to help deal with water shortages. And this is incredibly relevant for today’s world, where freshwater supplies are depleting.
Another area in the water treatment industry where AI is already being used is water filtration. Modern filtration systems controlled by machine intelligence can adapt to fluctuations in feedwater quality and immediately adapt/adjust for optimal operating conditions.
Artificial intelligence provides higher performance and efficiency than traditional water treatment systems.

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