AI and video surveillance

Artificial intelligence has become very active in video analytics in recent years. Preliminary predictions are that its popularity in this industry will grow exponentially, and developers are now diligently incorporating AI into the video surveillance industry. Let’s discuss the real benefits of such technology in more detail.

AI has the power to detect threats online. These days, video surveillance often becomes a way to investigate crimes that have already happened, and security teams are often forced to respond to questionable signals and plan further interventions based on them. More often than not, such tactics are useless. Artificial Intelligence video analytics can detect anomalies in a fraction of a second and inform those concerned. With this, video surveillance has every chance of becoming a method of proactive security. Such a change will be invaluable for locations with high footfall and crowds of people.

There is already practical experience with Scylla AI — it was installed at the airport in Oman. Artificial intelligence was able to help people during the pandemic — it effectively performed thermal screening of passengers, reducing the risk of infection. Also at the airport, AI video surveillance can perform other functions: tracking luggage, monitoring parking, monitoring entry points, optimizing take-off, landing, and maneuvering operations, and much more.
AI video surveillance can be a great technology for banks as a method of theft prevention — the system will send suspicious visual data to security extremely quickly, and this will enable people to already react to the signal in time. Artificial intelligence can also be used to lock down certain areas of the premises (at the bank) if an intrusion does occur.

The same security system could be used in educational institutions. For example, the AI’s detection of a terrorist by video surveillance would result in the automatic lockdown of classrooms where students are located. And the system would continue to track the perpetrator, making it easier for the police to neutralize him.

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