AI and tourism

Since its emergence, artificial intelligence has achieved significant success in a variety of industries. The dynamic travel industry is also benefiting from it, as AI is revolutionizing the way the industry operates. Many travel companies are already actively using AI-powered tools and solutions for processes ranging from vacation planning to final destination management.

Thanks to AI, travelers can easily book flights and accommodation without having to visit travel agencies. Artificial intelligence assistants also help to rent vehicles online. And with such chatbots deployed on social networking sites, they offer users personalized services.
For example, the Skyscanner chatbot can find the cheapest flights to a destination, help make final bookings, and more. The AI-powered price prediction app Hopper can predict the best prices for hotels and flights — telling travelers whether to make a reservation now or to wait for a better price.

AI robots are actively used for personal customer service. Many popular airports and hotels are using them to increase the speed of service and comfort. For example, London Airport has a robot escorting passengers through the terminals. And the Hilton McLean in Virginia has a robot named Connie who answers customers’ questions about hotel features and local attractions. It can advise hotel guests, move its arms and legs to show guests directions, and express emotion by illuminating in different colors.

SITA is already exploiting the potential of artificial intelligence in airport baggage handling systems. In the future, airports could be fully automated with the help of robotics and artificial intelligence, and lost luggage could be dealt with intelligently. This will help increase passenger comfort and reduce the risk of unpleasant situations related to lost luggage.



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