2 min readOct 28, 2022


​​ AI and Sports

The world of sports is developing by leaps and bounds. And artificial intelligence has also had a significant impact on its development. In particular, it has had a direct impact on the level of audience engagement and has contributed to improving athletes’ strategies. Data analytics and neural network operations are widely used in the sports industry.

Already, AI technologies are helping coaches make strategic decisions both during and after the game — during the training process. Wearable sensors and modern high-speed cameras are used for this purpose. They measure impact force and trajectory in soccer and are also used in cricket and other sports. Thanks to AI, coaches can better prepare athletes by creating the most effective training programs.

AI is also used to improve the performance of individual athletes. This is made possible through the use of computer vision and machine learning technologies. AI records performance metrics, from which athletes can reach their maximum potential and see where they need to improve their skills.

Among other things, artificial intelligence has found a place in sports journalism. AI uses natural language processing to produce articles just as well as real-life journalists, but it’s also much faster. It can be used to obtain a summary of sports events almost in real-time.

The use of artificial intelligence in the virtual reality of sports deserves quite separate attention. Thanks to VR technology, sports have received a completely new dimension, allowing fans from different parts of the world to meet in a confrontation in an online format. After the introduction of a virtual platform enhanced by AI technology, the virtual environment acquires real components and becomes more interactive. Such technology is changing the sports industry in a very radical way.