2 min readAug 5, 2022


AI and Philosophy

Artificial intelligence is fundamentally changing our daily lives and is likely to grow in importance in the coming years. Consequently, AI is influencing our current understanding of our position in the world, forcing us to reconsider key philosophical questions in relation to our role in society.

Artificial Intelligence is already having a huge impact on how we perceive our role in the world. AI-based marketing companies can subconsciously shape our opinions by diverting our attention or channeling our fears.

While consumers may benefit from receiving personalized product recommendations, there is a negative side effect here: such motivation can make us think that we are “somebody” only if we make that purchase.

Another area in which AI can change our role (and is already changing it) is in the world of work. If artificial intelligence can do our jobs better and more efficiently, we may be faced with a fundamental question: What is the meaning of our life on earth? Would it really be so bad if AI took away our current work and gave us more free time to pursue our hobbies and creative endeavors?
We also have to consider our relationship with AI, which, in the first place, depends heavily on our intentions to build AI-powered machines. Do we just want them to help us in our daily lives? Or is our goal to create something that will act as a partner and intelligent being?

And in both scenarios, it’s important to think about philosophical questions. Can a machine develop consciousness? Does it have free will? And of course, one cannot ignore the consequences if the answer to both of these questions is yes. If an AI can develop consciousness and has free will, can it be treated solely as an inanimate object and “servant”?

Depending on how we answer such philosophical questions, this could make a huge difference in answering further questions about ethics and morality. We are now at a point where creating something like “new life” can no longer just be something out of science fiction. Using AI, we could create something that is not only a tool but also a partner. This power comes with responsibility, so we must be prepared for the consequences and the threat to the status quo when machines develop consciousness and learn to make their own decisions.