2 min readDec 16, 2022


​​ AI and paper manufacturing

In everyday life, we use a huge amount of paper. This and printer paper, a variety of notebooks, and banal toilet paper or napkins. According to statistics, the processing of wood for paper is one of the biggest industries today. This area of activity contributes quite a bit to the GDP of several states, and for many large firms, it plays an important role. And artificial intelligence technologies are already being used to optimize it.

It is known that for the paper to meet certain quality criteria, it is necessary to systematically control and adjust the parameters of the recycling process. The data that production needs for such tasks consist of a multitude of images of wood fibers, which are made with high resolution. Other information from sensors can also be used.

Incorporating AI technology into such a part of the process can facilitate the production process and strictly predict the performance of manufactured products. Artificial intelligence can control the density and strength of paper. It can also modify paper machine settings to take into account changing fiber characteristics or send operators data on the need for adjustments.

AI can also be used in paper making to prevent sheet breaks. Such tears have a rather negative impact on production productivity, and they can occur at absolutely any time without warning. And to start production after a tear, operators have to take measures to clean and then restore the projector, which causes significant financial losses as a result.

An AI-based solution like PerfectPattern effectively predicts possible machine interruptions, helps understand the root causes of production failures and helps eliminate the root cause before the line is shut down. And it’s a huge step forward for the entire paper making industry.