AI and media

The use of artificial intelligence in everyday life is growing at an unprecedented rate. AI tools are used in all sectors of our lives, but the media sphere is particularly influenced by them.

Artificial Intelligence is being actively used to solve various mechanical tasks in the media industry. Already, conglomerate WarnerBros is using AI techniques to manage its projects and finances. Neural networks help speed up repetitive, single-type tasks: captioning, filtering, and news distribution, among others. This gives people more energy and time for the creative search and creation itself.

In the media, AI technology helps to filter out fake news: artificial intelligence can verify the source’s reality and analyze the facts. Back in 2017. Google updated its search algorithms, which are still in place today and help block the spread of fake news and hate speech. Now, scientists are continuing to teach AI to scan sources and identify the most accurate and reliable data.

More often than not, AI in the media is used as a method of easing tedious tasks. For example, automatic speech recognition frees up finances for producers and saves time on painstaking subtitling. The same method is used to transcribe tapes of shows or interviews. It gives journalists more time for creative work and AI transcription avoids legal challenges.

AI is already being used to automate news production and distribution. Automated journalism is gaining momentum: almost no human involvement is required to produce news texts and articles. For example, algorithms take sports or financial data, structure it and convert it into text files. At the same time, the content can be personalized — created with individual user preferences in mind.

AI is in a constant process of development; it is increasingly embracing the media industry, working undercover to improve efficiency and achieve new levels of content personalization.

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