AI and flora

As we know, the flora is a defined set of plant species typical of a particular area. And it is in a constant state of change, largely due to human activities. Humankind disrupts the balance of the ecosystem and causes damage to biodiversity. But flora needs to be protected as it is the main habitat on which other species depend. The use of artificial intelligence can help scientists prevent the extinction of flora species that are at risk of extinction and help create a strong ecosystem.

AI could well be deployed on a planetary scale. This innovative achievement will help solve a critical problem for humanity: telling us how we can grow and thrive without harming the ecosystem. Artificial intelligence facilitates the collection and processing of significant amounts of information about the state of flora.
It allows:
- identify plants at risk, recognize their forms and structures, habitat features, and optimum conditions for growth;
- help to modify the properties of plants at the genomic level so that they can adapt to changing environmental conditions;
- to discover new flora in inaccessible areas of our planet;
- detect plant diseases;
- anticipate and detect threats, including forest fires
- find the most suitable areas to establish forests and other plantations, monitor plant health, etc.

Developers of AI applications train their deep learning models with millions of photos and other data collected by plant enthusiasts and botanists around the world. To identify a plant, all you need to do now is take a photo of the plant and the software can identify it in literally seconds. There are programs that not only identify the genus and name of a particular member of the flora, but also provide information on its origin, size, maturity, and the flowers or fruits associated with the plant.



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