2 min readNov 7, 2022


AI and fashion

Over the past few years, artificial intelligence has been able to infiltrate various sectors of our lives, offering more creative technologies and maximizing operational procedures. It has become clear to many entrepreneurs that the use of AI helps them secure a potential competitive advantage.

However, in fashion, AI has not been used much; until recently, it was assumed that the machine had no place in an industry that was based on creativity and the desire for self-expression. But it turns out that hyper-digital technology can still contribute here as well. AI could revolutionize the entire fashion industry in a variety of ways, including design, manufacturing processes, delivery processes, marketing companies, and sales.

Artificial intelligence solutions for fashion design deserve special attention, as this area has not previously received much attention. And this is not surprising, because the original implementations of the new technology aimed to influence the measurable needs of the fashion business. And creativity and creativity are difficult to quantify. But scientists are not standing still, and models with AI have a chance to make friends with fashion designers, and in some aspects even replace them. Even now, computers can generate images that seem plausible and even aesthetically pleasing to humans.

But the unique capabilities of AI do not end with the creation of new designs. Machines can analyze large amounts of data to understand what users are interested in. Based on this information, the most popular products will be created.

An AI-based system has already been tried by the German company Zalando, which modeled the design of clothing, taking into account the data on the favorite color, texture, and different style preferences of potential customers. The work in cooperation with Google turned out to be so promising and profitable that a lot of development and research is being done in this direction now.

Another well-known brand that has decided to combine fashion and AI is Synflux. This company uses machine learning to create the most appropriate clothing modules. The AI models them using unique automated design tools.