AI and creativity

Creativity can be a real trailblazer for artificial intelligence. AI has already helped write pop ballads, created paintings in the style of great artists, and made informed creative decisions in film production. But how far can AI go in the creative realm of life? Can an artificial intelligence develop its sense of creativity? Can it be taught to create without human guidance? And can AI truly understand what is beautiful and masterful and what is untalented?

Scientists believe that everything is possible. After all, not long ago, no one would have thought that we could teach a machine to understand where there is cancer and where there isn’t. So teaching an AI what is melodic or beautiful, although a different kind of task, is still achievable. You have to feed the machine a bunch of training data and the computer can find the answers it needs. Of course, if you need to teach it to create something beautiful from scratch, it will be a more difficult task, but it can be achieved.

Experts note that teaching computers to create is inherently different from teaching people, although human creative methodology remains an understudied topic. For example, if you have a computer suggesting random combinations of musical notes, people with enough discernment and free time may well be able to grasp a few ideas in a sound sequence. And for the gifted talented, those same sound combinations can bring completely new ideas that will be the inspiration for a new form of composition. Right now, many of the processes that underlie such creative thinking are completely incomprehensible, and AI can play a significant role here.

The main goal is not to make artificial intelligence identical to human thinking after all. In terms of creativity, it is more about interaction with people — AI can inspire creativity and give people new ideas.
And, of course, AI can help with more mundane tasks, especially in the digital sphere, where most of the work is very mundane. This is where neural networks will become reliable assistants to people.

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