​​ AI and aviation

Artificial intelligence reaches new heights every year. And not only in the figurative sense. Commercial airlines have long been using AI technology, and there is also a place for it in military aviation. A trained computer helps to optimize routes, create new schemes to reduce pollution, improve customer service, etc.

Artificial intelligence helps revenue managers. They can use it to determine directions and adjust prices for different markets. AI helps find sales channels and manage locations, so the airline stays competitive and remains customer-friendly.

Using AI technology, it is possible to calculate the most popular routes as accurately as possible and understand how cost-effective certain flights will be. To do this, AI analyzes massive amounts of data, including search history and macroeconomic factors.

A separate area of application of AI in aviation is to ensure safety and reduce maintenance costs. Statistics show that unscheduled maintenance accounts for more than 30% of total flight delays, causing serious financial damage to the company. AI technologies can be used to monitor the condition of various aircraft systems, they are compatible with various sensors and devices, and a well-established tracking system can give access to all data on the operation of specific equipment from any location. In this way, employees can detect potential problems in good time and exchange parts or plan maintenance ahead of time. Managers are also provided with a complete package of data on maintenance work, necessary spare parts, and expenditure details.

AI also has a place in crew management. After all, it takes time to assign a crew to each flight (and there are thousands of them per day). A person engaged in such work should take into account several facts at the same time: the route of the planned flight, whether the crew members have a corresponding license and classification, technical features of the aircraft, work-rest schedule, vacations, etc. A computer can analyze all this information in seconds and avoids pilot fatigue.

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