AI and audio

Sound is an important and even integral part of the world around us, and essential to everyday human life. And the world of artificial intelligence is so advanced that it is now possible for each of us to use software that can identify human voices, separate them from noise pollution, isolate them and interpret them. The audio capabilities of AI are simply invaluable, and humanity is only at the beginning of its journey to create and develop them.

The unique SoundSee software is the brainchild of Bosch Research. It is based on powerful algorithms for audio information processing, based on machine learning technology, and can interpret different environmental sounds on an incredible scale. Such technology is already being used in industry, medicine, construction, and other fields.

The computer can hear the subtle nuances of sound: whether a door slams shut properly, an engine runs smoothly, or there are signs of irregularities in a fan. In the factory, the analysis of audio signals will help to get accurate information about the characteristics of the manufactured products and monitor the performance of the equipment.

The first major application experience with SoundSee took place back in 2019. — The AI system was sent to the ISS, where it analyzed sounds from machinery and equipment. Based on the data received, scientists determined whether machinery needed repair, maintenance, or replacement. Such an implementation helps to reduce the workload of astronauts, so they can devote more time directly to research activities. It is hypothesized that AI technology can detect problems in machinery at the earliest stage by examining minimal variations in sound characteristics.

The human body regularly generates many sounds, the best known of which are the heartbeat as well as breathing. Analysis of this information can identify health problems even before clinical symptoms appear. The AI system can provide audible signals if a person requires urgent help by responding to heartbeats, panic in the voice, etc.

Using AI to analyze sound is an invaluable opportunity.

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